Video for Planning Boards

Dear Management Doctor:

Do you know where I could find a 20 minute video on how to conduct an ideal Planning Board meeting? If not, could you or your readers provide 10-12 key points on what makes an ideal Planning Board meeting? I have worked with our Planning Board to put together a Policy & Procedures document, but sometimes they need to hear (or see) comments from other than staff. Thanks for your help.

Marilyn J. Ryba, AICP Senior Planner
Town of Queensbury, NY

Dear Marilyn,

I don't know of a video, but hopefully one of our readers will. I suggest you call APA on this. There are quite a few good books on Planning Commissions, again try APA. I like "The Job of the Planning Commissions" APA Press. Also, "Commissioner's Little Handbook" - call 310-832-5652.
Several key points I like:
1. Keep the meeting interesting. If televised, think about it as a TV show.
2. Have the Commission use a consent calendar.
3. Don't read the staff reports.
4. Have great graphics.
5. Treat the citizens with respect.
Good luck.

The Management Doctor

Reader Responses

Lori Heithoff and others at the New York State Dept. of State have prepared training videos covering the various functions/responsibilities of planning boards in New York State. You might call her at 518-473-3355 to find out if she has a video covering meetings in general.
Lynn Cebula

I am responding on behalf of Jack Lesch, Director of Development Services, City of Merced, California. Regarding a training video for conducting a Planning Commission meeting, we use a video entitled, "Meeting Management, A Mock Commission Hearing" which we obtained from the American Planning Association several years ago. I hope this information is of some assistance.
Terri Lucas
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