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Dear Management Doctor:

Nashville will be initiating a development services web portal to (1) assemble multiple agency procedures and standards in one place and (2) provide a central location to announce proposed changes in standards, invite industry comment, and give formal notice of adopted changes and implementation timetables. We intend for the website to be user-friendly — intuitive in its structure and targeted directly to the needs of users.

Can you recommend models around the country that you consider especially useful and successful. We have identified Raleigh, NC's Development Services Guide as a possible model. Do you know of others we should look at?


Ann Hammond
Metropolitan Nashville Planning Department

Dear Ann,

Click here to see three pages from my new book, The ABZ's of Planning Management Second Edition where I list items that should be on your web page. You can also order the book at www.zuckersystems.com.

I have not yet seen a web site that meets all of our criteria. I hope our readers will give us their favorites. I think Henderson, Nevada is pretty good and getting better. Also, the February 2007 issue of Governing Magazine listed the top 10 big-city sites as: Fresno, Tampa, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Houston, Virginia Beach, Seattle, St. Paul, Kansas City and Albuquerque.

I also think you might experiment with an industry and citizen blog. I recently recommended it to a client and they were a bit afraid of it. But, I know your department is willing to work on the edge so give it a try.

Good webbing,

The Management Doctor

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